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Rock of Cashel

The vacation of your dreams
to the beautiful
Emerald Isle

Po River Cruise

Milan-Venice Cruise

Sept 4–10, 2016

A magical 7-night sailing around La Serenissima/Venice and the Po River.
headshot of Joannie Madden

Joannie Madden

Sept 10–18, 2016

Musical Tour of Ireland The Wild Atlantic Way
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Sold Out
headshot of Peter Butler

Peter Butler

Sept 30–Oct 13, 2016

Tour Ireland with Peter Butler. Castles, cliffs, parks, pubs, shops.
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headshot of Andy Cooney

Andy Cooney

Oct 8–18, 2016

Musical Tour to Ireland with Andy Cooney. An Unforgettable Adventure!
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headshot of Tara O Grady

Tara O'Grady

Oct 24–Nov 1, 2016

Let Irish musician Tara O'Grady be your guide. Castles! Cliffs! Concerts!
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Venice at Christmas

Venice-Nuremberg Cruise

Dec 1–8, 2016

Sailing through fairytale towns along the Main-Danube rivers
Whether you are planning a long weekend getaway or an extensive deluxe tour of Ireland, our dedicated and experienced team will ensure that you have the vacation of your dreams.