Tara OGrady & Victoria Rabinowe


The Art of Dreaming in Austria
with Tara O'Grady & Victoria Rabinowe

Sept 16–24, 2023

$3499 per person, sharing a double room. Land only.*
Have you ever dreamed of exploring the unconventional, eccentric treasures of Austria? Are you eager to venture beyond the beaten path? Do you yearn for creative inspiration? Are you curious about paradox, metaphor and synchronicity in your dreams? Then this is the adventure for you!
Join DreamWorker and artist Victoria Rabinowe, along with singer-songwriter and author Tara O'Grady in the land of fantastic realism and extravagant opulence as they guide you on a unique excursion far off the beaten path. Stay in unconventional hotels, explore outlandish architecture, view eccentric artworks, and meet extraordinary fellow travelers, all while being lifted, landed, wined, and dined by Caddie Tours.

Throughout your voyage, you will find unlimited inspiration to fill the pages of a Dream Journey Journal. Creative writing, sketching, mapping and photography tutorials by Victoria will guide you to blend the mysteries of the inner world of dreams with the marvels of the outer world. This inspirational tour promises to be a voyage of soul-stirring discovery. Dreamers of all skill levels and backgrounds welcomed!

About Victoria & Tara

Victoria Rabinowe is an internationally recognized dream maven and mentor. She brings a unique perspective to the field of professional dreamwork. Her love of the arts guides her unending search toward the source of creativity by studying the enigmatic and richly metaphoric field of dreams. This personal quest has led to a universal wellspring of inspiration for her imaginatively unique workshops, seminars and retreats at the DreamingArts Studio in Santa Fe and over four continents. It has always been her dream to guide a group to Austria, the land of her ancestors. And Tara has been traveling back and forth to Austria much of her life as a lover of Klimt and Sacher Torte. She began attending Vienna's winter balls as a teenager, and even used to dream in German!

St. Stephan's Cathedral North Tower. Vienna, Austria
St. Stephan's Cathedral North Tower. Vienna, Austria

*$799 additional single supplement.
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